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you'll do good not helping him out
ruby999 on Saturday October 29, 2016
i like this guy, classy dude.
Dick Tucker on Friday September 2, 2016
dirty style
celta on Thursday August 25, 2016
he don't respect flags
AlbanBanal on Wednesday July 27, 2016
he is notorious for not honoring his words
schnomie on Wednesday May 25, 2016
best frog around
Ciaran needs poi on Friday February 19, 2016
unfair player, disrespect flags...
FatalFatePL on Monday February 15, 2016
dentoris - I warned you when you made up lame excuses to farm me and protect your buddy after I had flagged perfectly fine. I am not even talking verbal flag - real flag AND verbal flag. its not problem that you do this. I told you I would pge you for it. the problem is that you whine about it over and over. you just forgot about it, but thats not my fault. I noted it on deadcode when it happened, so this is definitely not a mix up like you suggested.
peacefrog on Wednesday February 10, 2016
holds grudge for no reason, and pga on higher tables
denetoris on Tuesday February 9, 2016
farms upper level games without regard to whoever has flagged him
SOCRATES SLB on Wednesday January 20, 2016
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