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Konjiki Ashisogi Jizô
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Racism -chat -post KDICEMOD 6:01 PM, Tuesday June 26, 2012 EDT

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Great player. Very kind.
@yanosamson on Monday July 9, 2012
Possible PGA with Alurd.
Zipl0c on Thursday July 5, 2012
idiot bad player!
bivo on Wednesday June 20, 2012
Backstabber and farmer
TimeToSayGoodBye on Monday June 18, 2012
PGA with GrosseQueue. Distrustfull player.
tsjombe on Wednesday June 13, 2012
I'm surprised at the amount of positive reviews this player has. He had flagged me earlier, and then decided to backstab me, whilst i was fighting someone for 1st, which he should've been fighting for 2nd place anyway. He said he was helping the other player, as he was honorable, which is contradictory for someone backstabbing a flag. He wasn't able to grasp this, so must be quite simple. Regardless I got 1st place anyway, and won't be accepting this players flag ever again.
lufcjosh1 on Tuesday June 5, 2012
good player
mandarin on Sunday June 3, 2012
PGA with Mandarin
LuckySun on Sunday June 3, 2012
No respect for flags, wrecks your shit even though he's flagged for 2nd way above you.
Krangar on Wednesday May 2, 2012
pga with CumGetSome
suprememaster on Sunday April 29, 2012
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