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Doesn't respect flags, not even in tourney's. Kill this morron immediatly when you are on the same table with him
MySim on Friday February 11, 2011
unfair, liar, moron.
fonzkopp on Tuesday February 8, 2011
respected my flag for a while, then he started to attack, ruining my 2nd place. thank you, man! thank you very much!
erikhun on Friday February 4, 2011
son of a bitch
3lefant on Monday January 24, 2011
Brown thinks to give a lower color a position over me cause hes in the middle and flagged 1st. I asked red for his help. He countered by telling red to sit there and giving him 3rd (me 4th). So I killed brown and gave him 4th for his unfairness. Brown was Dr. Awesome obviously.
•§TÄY£• on Thursday November 25, 2010
Flags and then attacks u anyway
Phononguy on Sunday November 21, 2010
pga alert dint respect flags
cem1824 on Friday October 22, 2010
PGA ALERT! This player PGA's with Antanis Budrys
ctfx93 on Thursday October 7, 2010
pga with dr. awesome
UnlceSlappy on Thursday October 7, 2010
very unfair, i helped too get first, than he backstaps, so i get 4th. no honour!
themind on Thursday September 16, 2010
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