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wiggin1 wrote
at 6:30 PM, Wednesday April 29, 2009 EDT
My avatar is a nazgul from lotr, wearing glasses and a hat.
wiggin1 wrote
at 10:31 AM, Saturday April 25, 2009 EDT
I mostly try to stay out of others way, and grow larger without disputes if possible. If you +1 or +0 me it might upset me though.

If I silent truce, I won't backstab. But neither will I help you by 2v1 another player in endgame if he flags to me.

If you are a jerk to me, I won't yell at you. But I will PGE you until I've caused you to lose twice the points you won in that game. People always say they don't care, but then always become super upset when I actually kill them.
wiggin1 wrote
at 3:46 AM, Wednesday March 4, 2009 EST
Adolf89: Im just taking some more land here in Austria.
Britannia: Hmm

Britannia: U still flag?
Adolf89: Nah

Adolf89: Mussie, we cool?
Mussie: Yes. We have the anti-jew PGA. :)
Goldstein: Oh oh.
Adolf89: Red, lets split Poland.
Stalin: Sure
Frog_eater: Im in
UncleSAM: Me 2

Poland stands up

Frog_eater: Im losing here, a little help sam?
UncleSAM: Im coming, but I have a little problem with yellow.
Britannia: Just bomb him with your 8 stack.
UncleSAM: Yeah, I will

Frog_eater stands up
Frog_eater: Good luck Sam and brit. Hope you win.
Goldstein: Yeah, Adolf SUCKS. Schmuck pge player.

Stalin: WTF adolf!! I thought we were truced?
Adolf89: No, we just cooperated with poland, that's it.
Stalin: Fuck off backstabber. Im just going for you the rest of the game.

Goldstein stands up
UncleSAM: That was lame, killing Goldstein, even though he was flagged.

Adolf89: Wtf red. Lose a roll already :(
Stalin: Do you flag?
Adolf89: I never flag

Britannia: Nice attack sam :)
UncleSAM: :)
Britannia: We win now. I flag third
Stalin: ok
adolf89: Kreutz verdamme ich noch ein mal

Mussie stands up
adolf89 stands up

UncleSAM: Red, flag second?
Stalin: No way, we fight for it.
UncleSAM: That will take decades, come on just flag.
Stalin: Niet
wiggin1 wrote
at 3:46 AM, Wednesday March 4, 2009 EST

KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
Texas Holdem Poker
Online Strategy
Online Pictionary