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stabbed me in tourney
elonukas on Tuesday January 16, 2018
nice, fair and clever : good sport with queerer
avesano on Friday August 4, 2017
The selection of players giving you bad reviews are a recommendation. Playing with you proofs that right. Good game, fair player.
Louis Cypher on Monday July 17, 2017
Backstab in turney
Mendacity on Wednesday December 28, 2016
PGA big time
ShaShaShake on Saturday October 15, 2016
you're on my list. you flagged me then you killed me. that's why, to refresh your memory honey.
KrazyIvan on Friday September 9, 2016
really good sport, good adversary, I look forward to playing with you again!
Ampyxx on Tuesday April 26, 2016
Possible PGA with "dawler"
OriirO on Sunday April 17, 2016
WORST PLAYER EVER! Don't know rules, don't respect flags, impossible to talk with him...
gengis khan on Sunday October 25, 2015
Are you that fucking stupid? I don't touch you the entire game, don't touch you when you attack me and set up behind me, expand out, we're headed for 1/2, and you just start bashing me and put us in 3/4? What the fuck is wrong with you.
48430934809 on Sunday June 21, 2015
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