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Actor, Comedian, Philophist and other words i dont know
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Nice and fair, keep it up Vertie!
fgfx on Wednesday March 22, 2017
Doesn't have a very nice butt
Chance777 on Wednesday September 14, 2016
very fair and nice player! :)
helio2k on Wednesday February 17, 2016
sorry wrong
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Wednesday January 14, 2015
Do wa diddy diddy um diddy do!
Vertiglug on Tuesday December 30, 2014
Safiulif defended 6v2, 7 to 7, (1,2,1,1,1,1 to 3,4)
the die on Friday April 25, 2014
Fun player, honorable. The game would be better if everyone did it this way
sawwaveanalog on Monday April 7, 2014
This shit is a complete great player!!! :P He scared me and that's why i called him a shit in the beginning. My turn to scare him. :P Fair player here!! You can always trust!!!
Lucas Barbosa on Monday April 7, 2014
Great to play with! Honourable!
icanofer on Saturday March 29, 2014
I confronted him with the pga accusations and kind of insulted him. He kept his cool and let me flag to him despite me trying to "punish" him during the early stages of the game.
the best zinke on Tuesday November 12, 2013
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