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Leek Step

I truce my neighbor every game
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pga with fcuku_
tommyHH on Monday March 29, 2010
backstabbed me after i accepted early flag in 2k tour and bcmatteagles told him to do
C&A on Thursday March 18, 2010
i flagged and he killed me for fun. i had safe second... i think leek step is gay. he was asking for my dick size all the time. i answered it was to huge for writing in the small chat...
oooodin on Sunday February 28, 2010
pga guy
TheONLYprophet on Thursday February 25, 2010
annoying farmer. To avoid if you want to have fun. desperate for points...
avesano on Thursday February 25, 2010
very poor play, i´ve seen that better once, but hey - disrespecting others is the fastest way to become an asshole
fish28 on Wednesday February 24, 2010
ASS HAT to the max! Will farm you like crazy on the 2 and 5K tables!
MarseRobert on Wednesday February 24, 2010
Is worse than cum crust... backstabs and doesnt give a shit
AmericanMoose723 on Sunday February 21, 2010
a fucking backstabbing pencildicked fool
ufatfuck on Friday February 19, 2010
A top tier Kdice player that is honorable and trustworthy. There are so few of them around it is unreal.
spluffy on Wednesday February 10, 2010
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