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if you say so amo.
WoahHaiKittie on Monday July 27, 2009
pga with Kimmy382, mikeslong999 and ji-jo (now pink turtle)
AMO on Monday July 27, 2009
Had a lot of fun to play with or against WoahHaiKittie. She's fun and plays fair. And most of all: you truly can have an interesting and pleasant chat with her while playing.
jerome172 on Tuesday July 21, 2009
just another scum who disrespect flags cause of her firends, kill that cunt on sight cause she can't play a decent game. fucking cunt who play in PGA and still can't win, avoid or kill her first on table so you all can have fair and good game. WoahHaiKittie: ceban, for one, I'm a girl, and two you're an obnoxious prick and a flag from you shouldn't be accepted no matter what.
cebalo on Wednesday July 15, 2009
you suck ... a lot
externalstorages on Saturday July 11, 2009
a dirty player
BAMMBI on Friday July 10, 2009
nice girl to play with
cromel on Friday July 10, 2009
External did you happen to notice the 'he' is a she? Great player. Lot's of fun, and let me try to fight her for 2nd even though I technically flagged before realizing 3rd and 4th both knocked me out of tourney.
.Blue. on Friday July 10, 2009
Nice player, also very good and cunning. Go fish ^^
Sabre13 on Saturday June 27, 2009
really likes green. nice, fun and smart.
thespeaker on Friday June 19, 2009
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