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No. I do not worship the devil.
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Doesnt know rules of the game, doesnt know what a flag is. Idiot that should be banned
decapitate on Sunday May 2, 2010
u're a total disgrace to kdice, kid.
Metaztek on Saturday March 13, 2010
Hey xdidimox. I don't like very much "attack and flag in same turn" way of playing.
uolter on Tuesday March 9, 2010
kiwi kiwi kiwi kiwi - pretty funny guy. I'd play at a table with him any day.
IndianCountry on Monday March 8, 2010
nice guy to play with
gga on Monday March 1, 2010
annoying spammer
iisrbored on Thursday February 25, 2010
PGA with Xception
snorkattack on Monday January 25, 2010
hes cool and funny
South Park on Saturday January 2, 2010
It was not PGA, he flagged me when i was strong then unluckly turn and i became weak. So he got 2nd and i got 1st still being weak :) So, he respect his flags not less not more.
Anybody on Saturday January 2, 2010
PGA with Anybody
Loser_krez on Saturday January 2, 2010
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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