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do not trust doesnt respect flags pga
nadowns on Friday April 24, 2009
He´s PGA with GNU 58
Lord_Death on Wednesday March 18, 2009
good player who respect flags.... Mahonen21 is just a whiner!
Gnu 58 on Monday February 16, 2009
PGA with Gnu 58
mahonen21 on Monday February 16, 2009
Got beat and immediately whined about PGA and posted on my review. Requires lessons on how this game works.
OysterJelly on Saturday February 14, 2009
Great player! 1st) while he wasn't playing his advices helped me to finish 2nd in hard position. 2nd) while he is playing, he respects flaggs and plays with honour.
Ivan01 on Monday February 9, 2009
Fucking cock, no repect for flags. Arsewipe.
blackandgolduk on Monday February 9, 2009
Very nice player =D
Stwur on Saturday February 7, 2009
Bad player doesnt keep his words. DONT TRUST HIM
sadenick on Monday February 2, 2009
PGA with silvioheinze, admitted that himself in the game.
Rapt0r on Sunday January 25, 2009
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