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Renard_tapis wrote
at 7:52 AM, Wednesday February 15, 2012 EST
wesh Claire !! alors..? g l'impression ke t'as déserté la "communauté" gpokr !?..ah c sûr c pas Fessebouc t'as vu :D ; bon, en attendant, si c pour faire + de musique, moi jte dis GO ON !!
mais repasse nous voir un de ces 4 , et puis g + de potes french auj. ..on va plumer ces cain-ri en chantant la Marseillaise YO! à+
jansen123 wrote
at 4:43 PM, Thursday October 6, 2011 EDT
Em bonjourno ,so where may you be?
Chris333 wrote
at 7:27 AM, Saturday September 24, 2011 EDT
Poor france... hehehehehehe
Rudey wrote
at 3:11 PM, Wednesday May 4, 2011 EDT
Eugene0 wrote
at 10:48 AM, Tuesday May 3, 2011 EDT
missed you capt. long time no see :)
Nadira wrote
at 7:48 AM, Sunday May 1, 2011 EDT
lol clari i like ur collection of medals =D
Gurgi wrote
at 1:40 PM, Monday April 18, 2011 EDT
Hey clar, hope to see your "back" soon. ^_^
purplechick wrote
at 1:26 PM, Tuesday April 12, 2011 EDT
Feel better, Clari! We love you!!
Nixstix wrote
at 3:10 PM, Monday April 11, 2011 EDT
Clarinette makes us all feel lucky to know her! <3
Caryn Murray wrote
at 10:24 AM, Friday April 1, 2011 EDT
Thank you for supporting Team Carny :)
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