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loudmouth nooby dipshit, who proved my point with his counter-review.
Horatio Arbunkle on Wednesday January 21, 2009
loves to see his own words in the chat ... on and on and on and on and on...
chiton on Wednesday January 21, 2009
Pedofile gay fucker. Probably 50years old. Gave him my email, and he sent me gay pics of himself and young boys! Be aware!
FISSEFJES on Thursday January 8, 2009
a liar? and not to trust? need facts pls.
Mr Angry on Thursday January 8, 2009
worthless piece of limey shit do not trust! angry is a liar!
JonnyDallas on Wednesday January 7, 2009
Interesting game. Mr Angry was 1st. I was 2nd. Rasenheizung was 3rd but only because Mr. Angry let him live. Instead of flagging 3rd, Rasenheizung brazenly backstabbed Mr Angry. The dice were on Rasenheizung's side and he rolled like a god. Fighting side by side with me, Mr Angry fought bravely, aggressively and (despite his avatar name) without anger. Rasenheizung was a really sore loser and cried like a little bitch when Mr Angry and I finally handed him his ass. Well fought, Mr Angry! Good game and cheers to you for keeping it civil when Rasenheizung the ankle biting bitch gave you every reason to be angry. Bravo, Mr Angry. Bravo.
Unhappyangrytime on Monday December 29, 2008
Hey! It's me! Don't forget that you're supposed to hate me! I'm supposed to 'watch out' coz in the future you're supposed to get me or something. Easily angered and childish player. Pathetic typing skills.
Shark75 on Saturday December 27, 2008
Crude, rude, and lewd...but funny as shit. Good player. No noob garbage, allies, or v flags.
FSM on Wednesday December 24, 2008
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