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idnera: i invented farming idnera: literally.
pacode on Sunday May 3, 2009
Isn't "idnera" a sex position?
XC[GT-R] on Friday May 1, 2009
Joined a tourney table i was playing on, called me a PGA, and caused me to be rolled by the leader while i was flagged 3rd.. Complete asshole.
MiTcH. on Sunday February 8, 2009
Permanent PGE list.
Dark_lunatic_K on Saturday January 24, 2009
aap123 on Thursday January 22, 2009
Funny dude
masterDD on Thursday January 15, 2009
fucking PGA bitch with uukrul and rebel9. Flagging is vain. Fortunately, they're fucking hilarious too !!! O_o
flizza on Thursday January 15, 2009
Try respecting a flag, dude...
ldo on Thursday January 15, 2009
idnera's turn kaneda3 defeated 6v5, 22 to 14, (3,5,2,4,2,6 to 2,3,5,3,1) I will lose flags for 2nd kaneda3 defeated 5v3, 22 to 9, (6,5,4,6,1 to 2,2,5) kaneda3 defeated 4v7, 17 to 16, (6,2,5,4 to 2,6,2,2,1,2,1) kaneda3 defeated 3v1, 10 to 2, (2,4,4 to 2) (-55 for 5th and +0 for dominance) Rank: 376th Score: -55 to 1047◆. kaneda3 finishes 5th in round 8
Leek Step on Tuesday January 13, 2009
what a fucking cunt, attcked me for no reason after i flagged. mustve been pga with the guy below me
kaneda3 on Tuesday January 13, 2009
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