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noob player totally NOT fair accepting no flags, idiot!
_ShaDowZ_ on Sunday September 4, 2011
solid guy hes fair
USMC Swede91 on Tuesday May 3, 2011
Nice guy, he at least tried to be fair. However, he insisted on a rolloff in our game when everyone was easily within fighting distance. Later on everyone was out of fighting distance because he ate up all the in between spots, attacked everyone to make them smaller, and then chaos ensued as to who should get what place since we would never know who would have been stronger before he ate everything up. I think he is too used to playing at dom tables and doesn't understand when rolloffs should be used versus when fighting should be utilized. Also grants favors to those who help him win, so get on his good side early on. All in all, he is nice but doesn't understand first-place etiquette.
Rendition on Sunday August 30, 2009
good and fair player. :)
Cedevita on Tuesday February 24, 2009
too good to be bad
cathal0107 on Tuesday February 24, 2009
When You have more then 1000points u cant join in miniFreeroll turny.
elvis_09 on Sunday February 15, 2009
Played a fair game and was helpful enough to give advice to a new player making bad tactical moves.
Ankylosaurus on Saturday February 7, 2009
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