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Doesnt respecy flags, oportunist
kaiosezzar on Monday June 16, 2014
does not respect flags and plays not fair to others.
Tippy G on Monday June 2, 2014
very nice player...
rajesh on Wednesday March 24, 2010
safe guy
miniii on Wednesday February 10, 2010
NIce guy, he did a good turn for me a took out a guy who was talking stupid smack
peteygsmith7 on Tuesday January 26, 2010
pga with blaster_pl
zillas3 on Monday January 18, 2010
gadjetts is jealous because i killed 5 people in one turn. i could so i had to. wouldn't you?
Vealesque on Friday December 18, 2009
a real power hungry dickhead. He thinks he needs to be god when he is ahead instead of letting others play the game out. Does not respect flags. Has no honor.
GadjettsLover on Monday December 14, 2009
does not recognize flags. at all
happypickle on Wednesday December 2, 2009
Don't talk like you're the best when you beg 1st and 2nd for help because you can't fight it out by yourself for 3rd. It's already being a jerk to ask for help despite the fact that we were tied (essentially not counting your island) But it takes it to another level when you act like your hot shit and didn't do anything except cry. What I did was called strategy... get used to it.
VegasMazza3 on Saturday August 8, 2009
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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