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Doesn't respect flags. Will spoil your game even if he has no interst in result himself. To make long story short - complete dick :)
lukkluj on Sunday August 30, 2009
i join all of you. Total piece of shit.
Loser_krez on Wednesday July 15, 2009
total piece of shit that won't let people fight for there places. probably PGA.
OviloN on Monday June 29, 2009
PGA with Asbel
OAB on Saturday January 31, 2009
Great player. He flagged 3 and I was 2nd fighting number 1. I was losing to first place and told him I would flag, but couldn't b/c 1st put me all the way to 3rd. Yet 1st continued to attack me. My Kingdom agreed to help me revolt against first and we ended up prevailing, giving us 1st and 2nd. Good guy for sure.
finkebr on Thursday January 29, 2009
Untrustworthy, and indecisive. I flagged 3rd, and some other dude flagged 4th. I then reflagged for 4th, and the other dude was in 5th. He then kills me so the other guy can have 4th , claiming that they had a truce in the beginning that was never noticeable. Dont trust this asswipe
Reatsu on Thursday December 18, 2008
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