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Fair player.
Rowen on Wednesday October 7, 2009
good player understanding the game
ReAlien on Wednesday September 23, 2009
sos un forro, no respetas un carajo, ni flag ni nada...sos una mierda de jugador
__JuAnChO__ on Wednesday January 14, 2009
I was flagged 4th throughout most of the game and everyone respected it, and when 5th and 6th place were about to get killed off, this piece of shit just jumped on me and killed me, on the final table of a tournament round with about 15 others watching. Why? I had to pick who to kill the game before, and I picked him, because he flagged 3rd after another player did so a few rounds ago, with 2nd place also voting for this choice.
Rapt0r on Saturday January 3, 2009
Just watched WhiteNoise and Pat Whalen rob someone of a well-deserved 2nd place. WhiteNoise was in 1st and gave the game to Pat Whalen. It was cold. No flag respect.
timnid on Sunday December 28, 2008
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