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serious racist, wtf! also he flagged and then later tried to stab.
supermjoelk on Thursday May 26, 2016
loudmouth cunt who needs his teeth knocked out.other than that, hes just a typical douchebag.
KrazyIvan on Wednesday April 15, 2015
Nice to play with, thank you
Eric Müller on Thursday July 25, 2013
besamiculo on Monday May 20, 2013
Fair and generous player :)
jessysmum on Monday June 11, 2012
crappy player
dba2650 on Tuesday April 17, 2012
asshole supreme
Gnom1 on Friday March 23, 2012
newbie and 2nd round trucer
ProVVe on Sunday March 18, 2012
At first glance, seems to be a nice and wise guy. I don't know about second glance.
Kyober on Tuesday March 13, 2012
lol I wanted to write something but everything has been already said
Typkeyna on Friday March 2, 2012
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