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spamming chat with the n-word -chat -play jurgen 3:37 PM, Monday May 23, 2011 EDT
Time served. chat and post restored. +chat +post holyharlequin 10:51 AM, Wednesday December 30, 2009 EST
Inappropriate forum and chat posts. second offense, loss of chat and forum for 30 days -chat -post These cards suck 7:07 PM, Monday November 30, 2009 EST
Time served +chat +post KDICEMOD 7:18 AM, Friday June 19, 2009 EDT
Inappropriate comments. 7 days off from chat and post. -chat -post KDICEMOD 12:38 PM, Thursday June 11, 2009 EDT

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Doesnt accept flags, truces with random player when he gains absolutely nothing from it
Jenkies on Monday May 16, 2011
doesn't accept flags. Unfriendly backstabber.
Kerberus on Wednesday May 11, 2011
what the others said.
Karsten4130 on Tuesday May 10, 2011
PGA with 1st.skyler
TheBetterYodel on Monday May 9, 2011
Guy sits in the corner with 3 lands and little dice, I let him live behind yellow to sit for 4, he decides that since I'm in the middle, he wants to "go for three". Assjack. Kill first.
Ender_wiggin on Sunday May 8, 2011
Samurai Langrock: *ahem*... Samurai Langrock: you're gonna lag out now... ... TheBarbarian: u see ur theorem had a problem... Samurai Langrock: oh goodness... belooze22 has left... Samurai Langrock: this is to be expected... TheBarbarian: u forgot to tell about backstab... Samurai Langrock: well, i'll be sure to leave a nice long review... TheBarbarian: thx... Samurai Langrock: thanks for being an asshole... TheBarbarian: blame it on u... TheBarbarian: u didnt demand flag when u had the power... Samurai Langrock: you flagged me. ... Samurai Langrock: so we're done here... Samurai Langrock: bottom line... TheBarbarian: expect the unexpected... Samurai Langrock: you have no honor... TheBarbarian: ur fault... Samurai Langrock: what a douche ....................what to say what to say, well, if you're reading this, know that this guy flagged me in the early rounds, where i could not request a literal flag, and was 1st over me by the nineth round, granted i could have taken some back to really bully my power. but i assumed this guy would have some decency and honor his vflag. It's a classic story, someone thinks that they can justify their actions by spiteing you and saying that it is your fault for trusting them. it's the peak of hypocrisy and it's an age old response. In honesty, it's what people do when they have no self respect, i'm sure this guy is a thief in real life, it's a pathetic way to live. and it's a douchebag thing to say that it is the person you trusted to trust you who is at fault for doing so. it's an age old backstab, and the worst kind. you have to be a REAL piece of shit, to do that.
Samurai Langrock on Monday May 2, 2011
don't accept flag...
RaistlinMG on Saturday April 30, 2011
Lousy trucing player. Loser
wwidww on Saturday April 30, 2011
honorable to me
100handslap.com on Friday April 29, 2011
fucking backstabber. watch ur ass mother fucker
grodriguezbm on Saturday April 16, 2011
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