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Hey Du Sacknase spielst wieder ohne mir bescheid zu sagen? =D Hoffe ich treff Dich hier mal wieder an...
the die on Friday June 23, 2017
chose not to kill him and he instantly stabs me
clarky_201990 on Tuesday February 18, 2014
justgolden: jerk
Capo Chino on Thursday May 31, 2012
Brilliant player. Knows that strategy is more than immediate advantage.
Improv42 on Monday March 12, 2012
Terrible spelling and grammar, but calls me an idiot. What a joke. This guy will try and talk his way into a higher place (claimed that a roll off wasn't about the highest roller, but whoever "took a space.") Kill off as soon as possible.
CammellRoeg on Friday January 27, 2012
smarter than he looks
eurasianbro on Sunday January 8, 2012
PGA with alyssum
Krillin on Wednesday November 23, 2011
Legend - very honourable player
KAGEEE on Thursday November 3, 2011
Great and fair player
Mountainman on Monday September 5, 2011
PGA: justgolden + andrjuz.
RusselliniSacto on Friday September 2, 2011
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