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2 years ago I was the only one saying "eats bags of dicks" now its everywhere...
Naughtarius on Saturday February 4, 2012
meatyjeff on Friday November 4, 2011
PGA with boogybytes
beepa on Thursday November 3, 2011
He fucked me oh so good.
boogybytes on Thursday November 3, 2011
Dick. Kill
Ender_wiggin on Sunday October 30, 2011
Terrible...just plain terrible
EasyMoney on Tuesday October 25, 2011
Asshole. Picks fights for no reason and doesn't even back up his shit talking. Sucks pretty bad at this game. I think he is probably a pedophile and never showers. Probably lives in his mom's basement too. And watches her shower. But would rather watch little children. Asshole
Grimss on Wednesday October 12, 2011
Cries like a small child
aphex732 on Friday September 30, 2011
Nice reviews man ! hahahahh eats bags of dicks was good !
Omarinho on Wednesday September 14, 2011
Plays with no honor. Eats bags of dicks.
Lion-O on Friday August 26, 2011
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