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at 7:59 AM, Sunday February 1, 2015 EST
opet bravo majstore
Rastaa Man :) wrote
at 6:39 AM, Sunday February 1, 2015 EST
congrats on gold bitch
at 4:06 AM, Thursday January 1, 2015 EST
at 4:05 AM, Thursday January 1, 2015 EST
olkainry38 wrote
at 9:10 AM, Wednesday January 19, 2011 EST
Time to come back a bit lazy croatian ! :p
Fatman_x wrote
at 9:06 AM, Friday December 31, 2010 EST
Bye all, I quit this shit out of game, some of you I will miss cause i spend so much good time with you in fun and pissing other's off, I think they will recognize themself, bye all friends, I hope we will meet again but i quit this shit cause it's pointless, CU, bye!
Fatman_x wrote
at 9:35 AM, Saturday December 25, 2010 EST
One nice double kill:

Fatman_x's turn
caesar-blue defeated 6v4, 16 to 7, (3,4,3,2,2,2 to 1,2,1,3)
samcormack defeated 7v5, 26 to 19, (1,6,4,6,3,5,1 to 5,6,3,3,2)
(-207 for 6th and -54 for dominance)
Rank: 368th Score: -261 to 3550◆.
samcormack finishes 6th in round 5
samcormack stands up
caesar-blue defeated 6v2, 21 to 4, (3,2,2,5,4,5 to 2,2)
caesar-blue defeated 5v3, 17 to 15, (6,6,1,3,1 to 5,4,6)
caesar-blue defeated 4v1, 11 to 6, (1,2,4,4 to 6)
caesar-blue defeated 5v3, 17 to 12, (1,6,6,1,3 to 4,2,6)
caesar-blue defeated 4v2, 12 to 2, (6,1,3,2 to 1,1)
(-77 for 5th and -5 for dominance)
Rank: 27th Score: -82 to 23314◆.
caesar-blue finishes 5th in round 5
caesar-blue stands up
Fatman_x sits out
+9 dice
cool g wrote
at 4:52 PM, Tuesday December 7, 2010 EST
An old freind..really shoudnt be mad at me.
Out_of_Mercy wrote
at 7:11 PM, Tuesday November 23, 2010 EST
Fatman_x: idiote da me tak zovu i da me zajebavaju i da mi to smeta nebi si sam dao takav nadimak
Out_of_Mercy: deba jedan sssssssss
Fatman_x: sam si ti malouman ko i sarajlija pa to ne konta¹
Fatman_x: :D
Out_of_Mercy: idi malo trci mozda skines sta
Fatman_x: svr¹avo sam ti po kuranu za bajram idiote
Fatman_x: :D
Mountainman has left
Fatman_x: obrezana nakarado
olkainry38 wrote
at 4:59 PM, Saturday November 6, 2010 EDT
Fatman..One of my old PGE :-)

Well i'm done with this game i just give up..

Too much free time wasted to play in such unfair game full of retards..not really a good plan actually :)

I enjoyed those games with you, keep up the good work and with a membership you would definitely have an easy podium and even win months :)

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