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betrayed me, i'll never flag him or accept a flag again: http://kdice.com/games/81936660
JUSTcallmePRE on Tuesday July 10, 2018
Backstabber. On a 100 table with 3 players. How weak is this?
tatalor on Tuesday July 3, 2018
Rather opportunistic without really getting the mathematics behind 5 players or showing honor or dignity in his moves the previous reviews pretty well describe this player.
Louis Cypher on Wednesday May 23, 2018
commenting to remember not to trust
generalissimus S on Saturday April 28, 2018
don't hesitate to 4vs1...ballsy ;)
avesano on Saturday April 21, 2018
fair and trustfull player
HerrHansHansen on Sunday February 25, 2018
I think he is a fair player
Stanpede on Sunday February 4, 2018
Hero On Time on Thursday November 16, 2017
one of the worst player I've seen in this game... was the whole game on his side and without saying anything he's going to attack... just going for points. no fun.
raphi800 on Tuesday September 19, 2017
tsss, ignored flag in a tourney on table with the last 4 players. he had his 2nd save, it was a fight 3/4 for the points, he ignoerd it. stupid.
charliebrown2000 on Friday September 15, 2017
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