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Horatio Arbunkle

I hate noob tables.
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kept asking me to finger him..
xDTx on Thursday December 10, 2009
Definite anger issues.
MrNutz on Tuesday June 9, 2009
an absolute fuckall player, misuses power, DO NOT TRUST HIM.
jimthefire on Thursday June 4, 2009
this diuck of a player obv has his brain in his dick.....doesnt respect flags
leo-the-great on Thursday June 4, 2009
This dickhead has some serious problems.
Hyde_ on Tuesday May 19, 2009
Attacked my flagging 2nd to his first 5 times and acted surprised when i killed him down to 4th. Idiot, an observer said to revolt and it was proven why. Horatio Arbunkle on Tuesday April 28, 2009 I only did the above because he attacked 3rd who flagged under him. What a dickhead.
g00b1 on Tuesday April 28, 2009
HAHA @ goob1!!!!! g00b1 attacked H.A. after a flag...and H.A. gave him last! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You're my hero!
Drucifer85 on Tuesday April 28, 2009
frustrated player
detullo on Wednesday April 8, 2009
so this is how you cry your loss, put some childish comments on other ppl reviews, get a life m8 poor player over all
HellFire on Wednesday April 1, 2009
EnclaveOfTheBear on Tuesday March 24, 2009
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