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Recognized on 8:15 PM, Monday March 15, 2010 EDT by These cards suck
"Always plays to win, hate to be tricked by him but respect his bold moves"

This player has been modded by the community

Ban Lifted. +play These cards suck 4:18 PM, Saturday April 24, 2010 EDT
PGA with his Right Hand. - play for 60 seconds. -play These cards suck 4:17 PM, Saturday April 24, 2010 EDT

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kill first.
CSEG on Friday June 14, 2013
well... i can say only bad things about him... backstabber, manipulating peoples, not respecting flags, pga.... like a real politicans in Hungary
Plokijuma on Thursday November 22, 2012
fucking bitch!!!
sangicus on Thursday November 22, 2012
Backstabber, see below for details.
Disconnected on Wednesday November 21, 2012
zaphodb1 on Friday November 2, 2012
Anyone who contributes and is a member while sporting a avatar of a pimp is solid in my book... except the whole paying thing, weird. Pimps dont pay, they take.. like the great Rev Don Juan, CHURCH, once said.. Pimps up, hoes down...weeessttt siiiiiide.
Skeezy420 on Friday November 2, 2012
AlexBallDrop on Monday August 6, 2012
backstabbed me and then even pretended he had not flagged (supported by a side-kick called dontattackme)
EmptyBottle on Thursday February 23, 2012
If he's not winning, someone must be conspiring against him. Talks toooo much
unicorn dream on Wednesday February 22, 2012
nothing worse than a wigger.
gen. sherman on Sunday February 19, 2012
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