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Flying Dutchman1

Is it a bird?, is it a airplane?, is it SUPERMAN?...., NO IT IS THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!!!!!!
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good player - thanks for a fun game
latrans on Monday April 15, 2013
very fair player! ty :)
Tiramisue on Sunday April 7, 2013
If you are as lazy in rl as you are in kdice writing your own reviews you must be really fat Riles P and Riddick Starman...
Flying Dutchman1 on Wednesday March 20, 2013
Warning to navigators, he is a Bad player and pga usually played and bad loser. Starts fights with more then he can handle and then call others to help his ass.
Riddick Starman on Wednesday March 20, 2013
The flying dutchman is the best player you will ever come across on kdice, he plays fair and his ship flies through the cloud really quickly. Watch out he's coming, hurry and flag him! (HAHAHAHA, about how you wrote back to Riles P)
Pokemon Trainer on Wednesday March 20, 2013
@SKaradeg on Friday March 15, 2013
Moron, threatens to attack me if I didn't move a big stack out of the way for his royalness connect. He was 6th or 7th at the time and I was 1st.... Tried to ruin me and left happy when he thought he killed my change for 1st. Muhahahahaaaa, Cry baby cry
Riles P on Tuesday March 5, 2013
glb itches
chiefKeef on Tuesday February 26, 2013
:) good guy!
Az_Balu on Saturday February 16, 2013
hey az - u r totally right! ^^ gl itchy
peter luftig on Saturday February 16, 2013
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