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you can use avatars again Peter...of course just not the one you used before +changeAvatar jurgen 3:55 PM, Friday May 15, 2015 EDT
. -changeAvatar -avatar Ryan 6:17 AM, Thursday May 14, 2015 EDT
Can' use that avatar -avatar Ryan 6:16 AM, Thursday May 14, 2015 EDT

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greeen on Tuesday November 21, 2017
Pete is a great player and a great guy. Always keeps the game fair and fun. Trustworthy, wtih a great sense of humor. Thanks Pete for helping to make the game better. Happy Rolling.
hcdug on Friday January 15, 2016
You made my day! Welcome back!
OviloN on Friday September 4, 2015
very fair player
Lauch mit Schlau on Tuesday August 11, 2015
Don't trust.
generalissimus S on Sunday July 19, 2015
fair player
VitezKoja on Wednesday April 16, 2014
dishonest little rat
Das_Pithlit on Monday April 7, 2014
Doesn't respect flags
Cafterdeath on Sunday January 26, 2014
yay - i got a new bivo review...!!!!! ^^
peter luftig on Sunday January 26, 2014
fuck you all famely pga moron im add im rember you pga with carra
bivo on Sunday January 26, 2014
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