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Double strength latte.. PRONTO, but dont dilute it
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complete racist, called me racial epithets multiple times. sorry that i use my black dick to fuck white women, u mad?
Dr Dungle on Sunday March 17, 2013
Traitor, liar ever!
kaiosezzar on Wednesday June 27, 2012
is 3 in half an hour too much coffee guy ?
Monsanto on Thursday June 21, 2012
has clearly had too much coffee. lol
random_person on Wednesday June 20, 2012
pga w/Trickster_96 (just read below, ITS SO OBVIOUS, DO NOT TRUST)
unhlyangl on Tuesday June 19, 2012
PGA with Trickster_96
Hackman Clone 43 on Monday June 18, 2012
Well, I posted a review that simply stated "good game" (gg) on TooMuchCoffeeGuy's review wall, after he PGA'd with Trickster_96 in a game and bullied other players to low positions. TooMuchCoffeeGuy then goes on to post a review on my review wall accusing *ME* of PGA in a game he cheated in with his illicit PGA, saying that I am a liar and cheat. TooMuchCoffeeGuy is one of the worst kinds of manipulative, underhanded players on KDice, and while I refrained from posting accusations on his wall, after his insulting posturing and defamation of my character, the truth must now be revealed. ### TooMuchCoffeeGuy is not even a good player, but one who uses cheap sociopath tactics to manipulate players and alter outcomes of games he has no chance of winning. Exhibit A: TooMuchCoffeeGuy was down to 2 territories early in game, and Trickster_96, his PGA partner (Turkish?), was in a bad position as well, fighting purp and red in a corner bottleneck and getting poor restacks on just a few lands. Suddenly three turns in, Trickster_96 declares a secret hidden PGA on the table, and points the finger at me. The whole game I've been scrapping with brown and yellow, really just hanging on by the skin of my teeth, but I make 2 clutch defenses and get a nice restack and suddenly I'm back in it. Funny how that's the moment I'm suddenly the secret PGA. At this point TooMuchCoffeeGuy chimes in and reinforces the lie, claiming I am PGA, and that the whole table must band against me to defeat the "menace". Lucky for him teal then times out (maybe a drop hack? does TooMuchCoffeeGuy hack too??), and suddenly TooMuchCoffeeGuy has a huge swath of neutrals in his back end, providing ample room for him to expand, while totally ignoring me and egging other players on to battle me and my fictitious PGA. Meanwhile Trickster_96 farms for several turns while TooMuchCoffeeGuy ends up squeezing out Purp and Red, ending up with Trickster_96 in his back NOT attacking while I continued to fight in the south. The whole time, TooMuchCoffeeGuy never attacked Trickster, claimed *I* was the PGA, and managed to weaken the other players (who unfortunately ate up all this BS with a spoon) enough to eliminate everyone, guaranteeing himself and Trickster_96 1/2, in that order. The whole game was filled with false accusation, slander, and lies. ### Now usually I don't go to the extent of posting game info but this game was an obvious ploy to secure 1/2, and it worked spectacularly. I wouldn't be surprised if TooMuchCoffeeGuy and Trickster_96 have managed to pull this off at other tables too, spinning webs of deceit and lies, pitting good honest players against each other and laughing all the while. Totally disgusting behavior, and a blatant lack of any kind of morale code, ethics, or honesty. When you sit at a table with TooMuchCoffeeGuy, and he starts making his claims and accusations in chat, remember this; all this player wants to do is watch you play well, only to be toppled by him since you believed a single word of his useless chat detritus. BEWARE!
Gregor Clegane on Monday June 18, 2012
whine whine whine
OysterJelly on Tuesday June 12, 2012
huuuuge whiner
do good anyway on Sunday June 10, 2012
pga with the other turkish players on this site
ggallin on Friday June 8, 2012
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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