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Help, I'm a rock

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Recognized on 7:57 AM, Thursday August 29, 2019 EDT by integral
still love his name/avatar combo. Thanks for sticking around in this game and for making games enjoyable

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restored +play integral 3:44 PM, Monday December 1, 2014 EST
you can have play back next month -play integral 10:59 PM, Sunday November 30, 2014 EST
away +play PM325 7:08 PM, Sunday August 21, 2011 EDT
away -play PM325 7:08 PM, Sunday August 21, 2011 EDT

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avesano on Saturday October 19, 2019
Just thank you for the tournament. I enjoyed playing with you.
Amoliane on Tuesday October 1, 2019
landi on Saturday December 23, 2017
stabber: http://kdice.com/games/80323309 never trust.
bazarov on Wednesday December 13, 2017
was a nice player but lately plays more and more rubbish
Grux on Saturday April 1, 2017
like it says below, you can't trust this guy
Tsvototi on Saturday February 25, 2017
doesn't respect flags
Ramsad on Wednesday February 8, 2017
is backstabber. never trust this guy.
Golden Apple1683 on Thursday February 2, 2017
Help, I'm a rock's turn neutral defended 7v3, 8 to 14, (1,1,1,1,1,1,2 to 6,3,5)
JUSTcallmePRE on Wednesday January 25, 2017
Good player
TheDarkKnight on Friday January 20, 2017
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