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restored +chat +play kellykellymoore 2:09 PM, Tuesday April 19, 2016 EDT
try again in a few days. -chat -play kellykellymoore 2:40 AM, Saturday January 16, 2016 EST
time served +chat kellykellymoore 10:10 PM, Wednesday March 7, 2012 EST
um no. -chat kellykellymoore 8:53 AM, Wednesday February 15, 2012 EST

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annoying play
Tiger Woods PGA on Monday November 11, 2019
Farming asshole with no class.
Louis Cypher on Thursday October 31, 2019
Proxy -> Vivik2
2prong.com on Thursday August 29, 2019
Retarded noob, no respect
22 april on Tuesday August 13, 2019
I'm not a fan
Created on Tuesday February 19, 2019
From now on before i flag someone i`ll check if his a damn backstabber. This guy really got me mad.
Goldelian on Wednesday November 7, 2018
Staber evry game stab, BAD PLAYER !!! Stabbed me in tourney !!! -------------> http://kdice.com/games/82379636
IQGenius on Friday September 7, 2018
mr internet
Oliko on Friday May 25, 2018
stabbed me in tourney
queerer on Tuesday January 16, 2018
nice player i like him
isaaktas on Thursday September 8, 2016
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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