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Sick of Round 2 flags... Grow balls, pussiesssssssss.........
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avatar rights back +changeAvatar jurgen 9:59 AM, Wednesday November 26, 2014 EST
using porn avatars again -avatar jurgen 5:57 AM, Monday July 21, 2014 EDT
using porn avatars again -changeAvatar jurgen 5:57 AM, Monday July 21, 2014 EDT
3 days...and 21 minutes :O +play jurgen 12:43 PM, Tuesday December 4, 2012 EST
You went too far with Jesse during the slam. On the bright side, I will give you 3 days off of Kdice so you can celebrate your slam win :) -play jurgen 12:22 PM, Saturday December 1, 2012 EST
innappropriate -avatar KDICEMOD 7:19 PM, Tuesday June 19, 2012 EDT
inappropriate avatar -avatar Hero Of Time 5:54 AM, Tuesday June 5, 2012 EDT

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Piece of shit.
Distorted on Saturday October 31, 2015
ahnbohwan on Monday August 24, 2015
Dont group up with that guy, he let me do all the work and finally backstabbed me, when he got full restack :) NOT RELIABLE
Suvetar on Sunday August 9, 2015
dont trust him , he is a backstabber
xXxJozefxXx on Sunday June 14, 2015
ignores flags. said: but now i will. and ignored again. dont trust him!
Salige on Saturday June 6, 2015
Finds shitty excuses not to respect a flag. Has self-esteem issues. Don't respect, and kill early.
Äkäkäkäkä! on Thursday May 14, 2015
g00b1 on Tuesday April 28, 2015
shit he is
Sabala on Thursday February 26, 2015
unfair player, 0 balls and a BIG pussy
alexandernicolai on Sunday December 7, 2014
nice guy, let me farm him, eat his cheese, take the kill, sleep with his sister and his mom was a great lady <3
Im Defeated on Sunday December 7, 2014
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