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"Be wise with your dise."
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This player has been modded by the community

ban lifted +changeAvatar +chat +play +post +re-register -avatar lynnmay 1:57 AM, Wednesday December 5, 2012 EST
another account added to ban because of harassment -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register lynnmay 7:56 PM, Monday November 28, 2011 EST
Apology noted. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post +re-register skrumgaer 12:35 PM, Saturday November 26, 2011 EST
Racist speech in chat. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register skrumgaer 5:46 PM, Friday November 25, 2011 EST
Chat restored, be careful how you rant. +chat +post MadHat_Sam 12:00 PM, Monday August 16, 2010 EDT
A modicum of respect for people please. -chat -post MadHat_Sam 3:54 PM, Monday August 9, 2010 EDT
5 min up next time It will be your alts as well adn for the rest of the month +chat Rowdyazell 4:05 PM, Friday July 23, 2010 EDT
5 min ban for racial slurs -chat Rowdyazell 4:00 PM, Friday July 23, 2010 EDT
Time served. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post MadHat_Sam 10:06 AM, Monday July 12, 2010 EDT
Take a break for a bit and think about why hate speech is wrong. -avatar MadHat_Sam 2:37 PM, Friday July 9, 2010 EDT
Take a break for a bit and think about why hate speech is wrong. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post MadHat_Sam 2:37 PM, Friday July 9, 2010 EDT
Lifted +play MadHat_Sam 1:26 PM, Thursday July 1, 2010 EDT
PGA's or any intent to help another player prior to a game is entirely unacceptable. Group efforts to boost the points of one player will not be tolerated. trendz, Lanegramata/Kinky Reggae. -play MadHat_Sam 3:50 PM, Tuesday June 29, 2010 EDT
Promised to repent and attend Sunday Mass and ask for the Good Lords forgiveness. +chat +post These cards suck 9:26 PM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT
Unacceptable Language

Loss of Chat and Post till M

-chat -post These cards suck 4:07 PM, Friday April 9, 2010 EDT
Letting the ban go a week early. Player has Promised to follow the rules and discontinue any pre-game alliances. +play holyharlequin 8:15 PM, Monday March 15, 2010 EDT
There was a miscommunication amongst the mods. My prior ban still stands. One month no play. -play holyharlequin 5:11 AM, Wednesday February 24, 2010 EST
play restored on the promise that this player will adhere to the rules of all games sites from now on. +play mystery man 4:20 PM, Tuesday February 23, 2010 EST
gave back chat and post to allow player to appeal directly to mod that banned him +chat +post Rob S. 9:46 AM, Tuesday February 23, 2010 EST
Obvious pre-game alliance with yougruesomehare during the Monday 500. You will both be banned for a month. -chat -play -post holyharlequin 7:44 PM, Monday February 22, 2010 EST
Act a little more civil with people this year. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post These cards suck 1:14 PM, Friday January 1, 2010 EST
trendz: fuck this site trendz: fuck these nerds trendz: fuck you These cards suck: do it when i'm gone have a little respect please. trendz: fuck ryan cadpilot is here trendz: fuck you bitches who care about points V.V.V: lol trendz: im going out to party V.V.V: lol V.V.V: lol V.V.V: lol trendz: for an hour and a 1/2 Pat Whalen: lol jj ji-jo: omfg Pat Whalen: good plan trendz: im finally freak of you fucking faggots Pat Whalen: come towards the middle SterTrak: another ban... :-) trendz: free also V.V.V: your going out to party with your hand These cards suck: Did you say "Fuck me"? moondust is here V.V.V: i guess ji-jo: pat trendz: make your gay ass smileys ster V.V.V: you're trendz: you fucking noob with 20k running turtle has left trendz: suck my dick ji-jo: i thought i would let you have 1st freely trendz: all of you V.V.V: rofl ji-jo: *wuldnt happytoscrap: me too trendz? ch1c0_3v0: brown do u accept flags? caesar-blue is here SterTrak: i'm playing Kdice 4year ago MikeMike83 is here Pat Whalen: yes sir trendz: this game ruined my life for 3 fucking months... its a worthless addiction -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -avatar These cards suck 9:41 PM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
Spoke with player and he now understands that point funneling is against rules. This action will serve as a warning only. +play KDICEMOD 7:16 AM, Thursday December 31, 2009 EST
Received points via funneling from Jily. 7 days -play. -play KDICEMOD 7:18 AM, Wednesday December 30, 2009 EST
Chat returned after cooling off period. Watch the language. +chat Lei 2:52 AM, Monday July 6, 2009 EDT
Muted due to abusive chat trendz is here schmooz10 is here trendz: RAPE john27 is here dr. zoidberg 69: lets go other trendz: RAPE dr. zoidberg 69: 5k trendz: RAPE trendz: RAPE -chat Lei 10:09 AM, Saturday July 4, 2009 EDT

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scummy player - will ignore flags and pretend to accept so u don't attack - then attack u after he stacks
degen on Thursday September 1, 2011
tty_csu on Tuesday August 9, 2011
pobuna ;)
Randomperfection on Friday August 5, 2011
bitch know it all lol manipulative ^^ lol at the offences
wrestlerchance on Wednesday August 3, 2011
doesn't respect flags
moTTom on Tuesday August 2, 2011
@thatsexyplace on Saturday July 30, 2011
idiot player. we rolled. he lost then attacked to all player. dont trust him
liza_r on Thursday July 28, 2011
idiot player. we rolled. he lost then attacked to all player. dont trust him
ghost_fb on Thursday July 28, 2011
backstabbing cunt
RollinLikeAChamp on Monday July 25, 2011
farms dom and fucks my game with it. found a "reason" that he wanted to save his 1st. (i had a third of his lands - with one 8 stack - he had all stacks full)
ktom on Sunday July 24, 2011
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