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I am not a perv
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Recognized on 4:47 AM, Sunday October 25, 2009 EDT by quickcut
I am so honored to say that I speak for so many people in saying thank you, that just your being here makes this site better as you promote the game and bring people to the table. I miss you if I don't see you and hear that from others. Thank you for being you.

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Ban period is over,one month, as promised +chat +play Holly Molly 12:07 AM, Wednesday February 10, 2010 EST
Asked to be banned until February for a personal reason.Remind me to unban on February. -chat -play Holly Molly 11:23 AM, Friday January 1, 2010 EST

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Never played with this one.
Reuden on Monday December 21, 2009
really agreeable to play with! nice!
OviloN on Saturday December 12, 2009
I care what you are! Talented plater.
Rowen on Sunday November 22, 2009
and? who cares what you are? you are important like a candle in the wind. blub
cinzano on Friday November 6, 2009
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