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this dude has syphilis. endlak: worked out well for my molly btw, its worked out well for ME molly. dumbfuck.
Holly Molly on Sunday December 6, 2009
I love killing a$$holes!!!
Bendlak on Monday November 23, 2009
A total whiner of a player... Does not respect flags at all... Whines like a 10 year old...
hurratorpedo on Monday November 23, 2009
Respectable player
Tommy Angelo on Thursday November 19, 2009
you didnt get me back though did you...total jebend..cries when someone rightfully kills him!
Joey44 on Wednesday November 18, 2009
Very honorable player. Flagged to me and helped when i was in trouble.
TDD on Tuesday November 10, 2009
Respctable player!
MagoCego on Monday November 9, 2009
Total asshole and what's more, should merely be banned from this site for using it as an expression of insult and frustration. Avoid, if not possible, kill at first sight coz will surely backstab.
Mr B on Tuesday November 3, 2009
LOL you dumbass. I was in 2nd but it would only let me flag 3rd still. Later after you fucked me I flagged 3 and you still didn't respect it. You are a stupid CUNT.
AcesUp on Tuesday November 3, 2009
Good Player
superunknown on Friday October 30, 2009
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