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Recognized on 10:07 PM, Sunday November 30, 2014 EST by integral
thanks for all your contributions to the game

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voted for trump -play integral 5:43 PM, Wednesday November 9, 2016 EST
restored +chat integral 11:47 AM, Wednesday October 29, 2014 EDT
you have been warned about your abusive behavior multiple times, hopefully a day off chat will change that. -chat integral 6:19 PM, Tuesday October 28, 2014 EDT

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level 90 and still cant win without PGA and cheating
SlackTide on Sunday November 6, 2016
Special a hole!
Easy A on Sunday October 30, 2016
backstabbed twice in one game on 2k table then flamed
Petermh on Sunday October 30, 2016
dont trust
4november on Thursday October 27, 2016
To make this simple I'll just explain the situation in full: We're in a tournament, rd 1. Almost immediately he starts talking in chat about possible moves and looking for a team. He eventually makes a long stretch connect around me, but not through me. The places he connected and took was exactly where I was headed next turn. He had a bad stack, I demolish him down to 1 land and he starts complaining in chat. "I didn't touch you and you do that?" .. "How many fights do you want to pick?" .. "Will remember this". All over me doing what was best for me at that point. In the end, I got 2nd because my luck completely let me down in a 1/2 fight. Next round, kdice hands thrill hoe a fantastic start and 3 people flag him within rd 1. I and the other guy left say "same". He acknowledges all flags, and than ruins me. He said it was because of rd 1 and that I made him mad. Following rd, before he even makes a move in the game someone flags him. Another guy follows suit the next move. 8 rd's later, he takes a island and runs through me again ruining me after I flagged. Still butt hurt because of rd 1. ---The moral of this is to show this guy is a aspie case who takes this game too seriously, has no social skills, and doesn't understand the basic concepts of a game of this nature. I, nor should others, play to help HIM win. He seems to not be able to accept this fact, and judging by the majority of the 604 feed back he has that state overwhelmingly he is a whiny little bitch, who can't handle being outplayed I suppose it's what to expect. Just do yourself a favor in the future, kill this prick ASAP.
Dick Tucker on Monday September 26, 2016
a liar and a backstabber all in one. nice.
Lalita Lani on Thursday April 30, 2015
Aspie + Australian = Auspie?
DoobiusMalcor on Tuesday April 21, 2015
fuck off player
SHO-GUN on Wednesday April 15, 2015
mean bastard!
Grux on Thursday March 26, 2015
most greedy guy on kdice
hellworrior on Tuesday March 17, 2015
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