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ello will flag two
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7 days up...restored +post kellykellymoore 7:55 PM, Tuesday September 22, 2009 EDT
Came to an agreement and understanding with user. No harm done. Please refrain in future usage of foul language while on the website. +changeAvatar +chat +play These cards suck 12:19 AM, Tuesday September 15, 2009 EDT
User muted for use of the "F" word. Gave warning yet still continued to use it "After" he though I left the room. These cards suck has left fcuku: FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK fcuku: lol fcuku: jk panzer is here fcuku: -chat incoming Wicked!: He left. THE NIGGLER: lol Wicked!: You mean TCS? fcuku: yeah Wicked!: Yeah, left. fcuku: oh -chat -avatar These cards suck 10:42 PM, Monday September 14, 2009 EDT
One bad ass, shit storm creating son of a bitch. Account banned for a period of 7 days for ultimate douchery. -changeAvatar -play -post KDICEMOD 6:58 PM, Wednesday September 9, 2009 EDT

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I don't have AIM anymore, so I have no idea.
fcuku on Tuesday January 31, 2017
Hey, you know veta's IM chase? I would like to have it to get into contact with him
Smoking Buddha on Monday October 28, 2013
Veta on Sunday July 29, 2012
big noob
Boner Oiler on Friday February 18, 2011
brittanyb_tch on Friday February 18, 2011
read in my reviews pls, admin informed. Hope he gets banned. Thanks
Ravenheart on Friday August 6, 2010
Chase is dirty who loves his fake penis gay arsehole
V.V.V on Thursday December 10, 2009
bad ass bitch
dontattackme on Monday November 23, 2009
you seem cool :D (read your forum posts)
prometheus_ on Friday November 13, 2009
He played fair and well the time he played with me!
Lord_Death on Wednesday November 4, 2009
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