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apua, apua! minua sorretaan
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jokerswild91 wrote
at 4:21 PM, Wednesday June 3, 2009 EDT
one of my favorite people to play against very respectable even with alot of points on the line
DaShiVa wrote
at 4:35 PM, Monday May 25, 2009 EDT
DaShiVa wrote
at 6:22 PM, Wednesday February 18, 2009 EST
Looks like I'm possibly back for a bit...
Flying Dutchman1 wrote
at 6:32 PM, Friday October 17, 2008 EDT
Hé shiv? Where art thou?
DaShiVa wrote
at 1:04 PM, Thursday October 9, 2008 EDT
montecarlo: if you dont farm, i will pge you for the rest of the month shiva
DaShiVa wrote
at 5:57 PM, Sunday October 5, 2008 EDT
For people checkin my profile - I don't Truce - I only counter truce. But I do play for mutual benefit if it seems wise - I still respect flags tho.
On the other hand. if you truce, then I'll do my level best to counter/wipe you out. Trucer's flags don't count.
DeathToSmoochy wrote
at 9:08 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2008 EDT
Grats on that #2
DaShiVa wrote
at 1:59 PM, Monday September 29, 2008 EDT
Nick B defended 8v5, 15 to 17, (1,1,2,1,3,1,4,2 to 2,4,5,2,4)
DeathToSmoochy wrote
at 10:02 PM, Saturday September 13, 2008 EDT
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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