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He was in first, and i was in a 2/4 fight. The person in three had flagged to me and then he started to stab me while I was fighting for two... he even had a hard flag up. Normally, the person you are in a 2/4 fight with will help you take out the stabber first, but this guy (Mrbluesky) didn't do that. He kept hitting me, helping Aituk. Kudowski stepped in and kept blocking mrbluesky from hitting me while I was trying to fight the stabber (Aituk). MyBluesky kept hitting him to get to me to hep the stabber. It made no sense. But the long and short of it was this: Kudowski was very fair. He gave Mrbluesky several warnings and did not want to take him out of the game. He would just keep cutting him off from hitting me, and then MrBlueSky started to hit him back, wanting to help the stabber stab me... I don't know why, it goes against most kdice ethics to help a stabber so openly. But Kudowski was very fair during this game.
do good anyway on Sunday February 24, 2013
bad player. flag me and then kill me later...
kavayerro1 on Wednesday February 13, 2013
your a prick a fucking prick and you know it
haarrpoon on Saturday January 19, 2013
very fair player. knows the finer parts of kdice
c4a on Sunday January 13, 2013
For real, grow up. You flag every game as early as possible to get something like 3rd/4th. By doing so, you cost many people their chance to win the game on their own, so don't wonder if they reject your flag. It's more than legit. Have a look at this before posting shit : http://kdice.com/blog/48
OviloN on Thursday January 10, 2013
fuck you sistr and beybi pga moron im rember you asholle create new acc!
bivo on Sunday January 6, 2013
Nice & fair player
Lulu Berlu on Monday December 31, 2012
fair player
Laka on Saturday December 29, 2012
Should learn the game.
GodAlmighty on Saturday December 22, 2012
PGA with Kludge26
@ahnbohwan on Sunday November 18, 2012
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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