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PGA with earthship65,note many similar reviews.
mgrinber on Thursday January 12, 2017
STABER... evry game stab !!!! BAD PLAYER !!!!
No Respect on Monday December 19, 2016
such assholes I have not seen
SmERSH on Monday July 18, 2016
pga with Marcoverratti
AYBG on Tuesday June 28, 2016
PGA with pedeer
ozgurmtn on Thursday April 7, 2016
He doesn't understand how to play. He was in the middle and chose to attack me. He got 3rd when he could have done much better.
arkenkor on Saturday March 12, 2016
I did never flag you in this game: http://kdice.com/games/73697123 Watch the review, see if there is anything like "green" or "pdmt" near the word flag from me. Read my first line this game and get the connection. It is not my fault that you don't eat me and wish I would have flagged you. It is your fault to 2v1 me then. It is my pleasure to flush the fecies you are down the toilet from here any given occasion.
Louis Cypher on Wednesday March 2, 2016
I flagged him but he killed me. This dude is insane -_-
cipo3a on Friday January 22, 2016
Attack and after whines of truce on 0 table : typical shitty player
Zebre on Friday July 24, 2015
Refused to accept a flag and then after destroying me says, "sure I'll take that flag now" ... Backstabber of the worst kind.
Straffe Stof on Wednesday July 1, 2015
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