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I really should go to bed earlier .....
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Recognized on 8:45 AM, Friday May 30, 2008 EDT by JulesDogg
I would like to nominate TLP for her contribution to the gpokr community. TLP is not only an excellent player but also sets the standard for polite social conduct at the tables. A true winner in every sense of the word.

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BIVO/turila/Derek Trotter/Kurton/Buljon all the same player and you do nothing. Absolute disgrace of a moderator.
Afro on Thursday June 25, 2020
PanzerRed: and you do? PanzerRed: TLP mother prostitute? PanzerRed: that's respect?
bivo on Thursday June 25, 2020
b.s., bivo. It wasn't me, it was fzone in that game who said bivo cheats.
PanzerRed on Sunday June 21, 2020
http://kdice.com/games/86993473 panzer not stop
Kurton on Sunday June 21, 2020
Okay if you dislike my avatar you should block every 2nd avatar on kdice. My avatar shows 2 dictators, so what? For example dragonflys avatar a mouse fucking a mouse is proper? =D Or all these naked parts of female bodies like Tiger Woods PGA avatar is appropriate? Thats ridiculous!
5K Trucer on Wednesday May 20, 2020
suspend play to boot from tourney didnt work +play TLP 6:33 PM, Wednesday December 17, 2008 CST Play suspended to boot from touney as away -play TLP 6:31 PM, Wednesday December 17, 2008 CST fair?
frizbi on Friday August 24, 2012
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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