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clever and fair
avesano on Wednesday December 15, 2021
PGA with Veta
twinky on Wednesday February 3, 2021
Lost roll and killed me. Asshole
dbdb on Monday June 29, 2020
Aleksa_bre on Monday December 9, 2019
Hi generalissimus, you give me this review "pga with irineo", you could not be more wrong. Being a level 75 player you should know that in some games an alliance is formed by the position in the game, without being a pga. At least back up your claims by a replay link. And please base a pga claim on more than one single game (where you lost because both other players felt it was advantageous to attack you and not each other). I think pga's destroy this game and have left the game for long periods because of it.
petopeto on Thursday December 5, 2019
what is this? proxy commenting now?
generalissimus S on Thursday January 24, 2019
backstabber and foul language. flags should be ignored from him.
No Cycling on Monday January 21, 2019
backstabber and foul language. flags should be ignored from him.
sliponmypoo on Tuesday January 15, 2019
IFIGENIUS on Friday January 4, 2019
ppg with IFIGENIUS two assholes
Mindows on Tuesday November 13, 2018
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