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LOL great review
Fingerbib on Tuesday February 9, 2016
Great loser... Stabbed me
texico on Tuesday July 21, 2015
funny guy
eurasianbro on Wednesday July 15, 2015
changing mind
queerer on Monday July 6, 2015
Boston is a sore loser...had bad luck ALL game...and even made a way for him and the other (2,3) to go through and fight. NOT MY FAULT HE DIDN'T TAKE ADVANTAGE AND GO THROUGH.
Carloos on Thursday August 8, 2013
Poor player. Don't bother flagging him. Evil Dicktaker
Hidden Agenda on Thursday April 11, 2013
told me that i was playing dumb, then admitted he would have played the same way if he were in my shoes. LOL so does that make us dumb, or smart i dont know... His intelligence is to be questioned. Then he told me to be more humble, as if I was the one who started making rude comments. What a joke.
Krustalicious on Thursday April 11, 2013
real noob.dont say me cry u cried.idiot
BirDakika on Sunday February 17, 2013
Gyulavezr on Monday February 11, 2013
whinney bitch, flags when convenient, waits around for cheap points.
seefoo on Thursday February 7, 2013
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