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moron. shit taste in music too
jaja on Friday January 17, 2020
2012-01-16 aphex732, the chat jerk and baby, reviewed me: "Wow, you are insane." Dear Readers, aphex732 has made me VERY happy. The fact that aphex732 finds his own words--the words I posted in my original review of him (see below)--SO revolting and nauseating that he would leave me such a review, well, it brings a large smile to my face. If aphex732 were to become civilized he wouldn't be nearly so interesting. ++++++++++ 2011-11-30 aphex732 is a chat jerk and baby. Dear Readers, aphex732 cannot STAND having anyone stand up to his rudeness. (How DARE anyone be so impertinent! Haven't you seen his two trophies?!) Or perhaps aphex732 isn't used to the civility practiced on the 0 tables where we played. Perhaps aphex732 was embarassed to be playing on a 0 table when he is a Level 55 and has two trophies. Some guys like aphex732 get a trophy or two and start believing they should comment on moves by other players. Chat jerks like aphex732 REALLY like that stuff and CANNOT STAND having their rudeness challenged by someone standing up to them. aphex732 is red, I am brown. Chat is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ aphex732: smart move brown ########## [Note: That is aphex732 sarcastically whining about my moves to try to keep up with aphex732 and yellow. Yellow took advantage of my move and took a nice lead.] ---------- Aleksa_bre: flag red ---------- 3.14159: thanks red--you too ---------- MichelKillerFrea: 3rd ! ---------- aphex732: that's what you want, purp? ---------- MichelKillerFrea: yes ---------- MichelKillerFrea: pls. ---------- aphex732: ok [Note: Magnanimous of aphex732 to give purple 3rd, eh?] ---------- GeorgeCarlin.TV: ok purp ---------- aphex732: flag yellow [Note: aphex732 lost his 8v8 against yellow and immediately flagged to yellow.] ---------- aphex732: gg ---------- GeorgeCarlin.TV: ok ---------- GeorgeCarlin.TV: gg ---------- aphex732: now to make sure brown gets 6th [Note: Ah, now to aphex732's REAL goal for the game.] ---------- 3.14159: that is what you want, red? [Note: Note my clever mimicking of aphex732's question to purple.] ---------- aphex732: correct ---------- 3.14159: say please -- like purple did ---------- GeorgeCarlin.TV: please flag red ---------- aphex732: so close [Note: Said after aphex732 lost a 5v5 against me when I had two lands left.] ---------- 3.14159: you going to flag to me, too, red? ---------- GeorgeCarlin.TV: ty ---------- 3.14159: now that you lost your XvX? ---------- aphex732: brown ---------- 3.14159: red ---------- aphex732: what are you talking about ---------- 3.14159: it is over your head, red--forget it ---------- 3.14159: gg all ---------- aphex732: fuck you brown ########## [Note: Oh, dear! My how aphex732 loses his little temper.] ---------- aphex732: go eat a dick ########## [Note: How pathetic is aphex732? THAT was the HEIGHT of his literary wit.] ---------- MichelKillerFrea: lol blue -:D ---------- 3.14159: is that it red? ---------- 3.14159: that is all you have? ---------- 3.14159: pretty pathetic, red ---------- GeorgeCarlin.TV has left ---------- aphex732: stop crying ---------- aphex732 has left ---------- 3.14159: you are the one crying and cussing ---------- 3.14159: not i [Note: I now notice that aphex732 had to leave the table--typical chat jerk that aphex732 is.]
3.14159 on Monday January 16, 2012
I was surprised to be fcked over by this player... not sure what hapened. Don't think there was pga in the game, maybe he just made the wrong call. I would give him the benefit of the doubt. I'll write a conclusion review after I played more games against him...
tajmtoedaj on Monday December 19, 2011
BACKSTABBER once more!
A8es on Friday December 16, 2011
Cries like a small child
meatyjeff on Friday November 4, 2011
backstabbing asshole. kill asap
sven123 on Friday October 28, 2011
nice upstanding young fellow
aphex732 on Friday July 8, 2011
akca03 on Tuesday July 5, 2011
beyazguvercinus on Thursday June 30, 2011
Complete retard !
Wyzem on Wednesday June 29, 2011
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