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continual abusive chat -chat Hero Of Time 6:19 PM, Wednesday February 27, 2013 EST

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His wall-of-text spam afflicted half of the active community... good riddance.
eurasianbro on Tuesday July 21, 2015
Who will stand up to the chat jerks now that you're gone?
foo foo on Wednesday June 26, 2013
pi pi pi
Prof Chaos on Saturday April 20, 2013
Dis guy loves to swallow cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is obvisously a filthy fagget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to slit him down his chest then burn him alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@guest346 on Monday March 25, 2013
Did pipi lose his chat. The horror!
Butters on Saturday March 23, 2013
This guy is a super freak annoying weirdo. Obviously has way too much time on his hands and thinks he's a genius. I would love to meet this guy in person so I could laugh at him. Had fun messing with him until his blood boiled.
Crazydo2 on Saturday March 23, 2013
LooBee: yea he's a weirdo LooBee: he's like 40, btw
Tri Ang on Friday March 22, 2013
I totes want to play with you so you can call me a chat jerk.
PanzerRed on Tuesday March 19, 2013
poudendum on Monday March 18, 2013
Totally loser and says that he hopes me and my family dies? Too serious??
WKoA on Thursday March 14, 2013
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