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Please unbann me. Thanks
WegiL on Friday May 2, 2014
poor gay, hope your family dies soon ( i know thats not nice but i doesnt care) idiot
pussy of bone ro on Tuesday November 12, 2013
Im not sure how to report ppl so I just hope you read this and take action, the player Rasenheizung posted a false review on my profile then posted another very offensive one after please take action if possible
The Dustin on Wednesday October 30, 2013
bone-roller is just a poor kiddie with no life, no sex and no brain. poor gay, hope you die soon, idiot
Fieselfink on Tuesday July 30, 2013
yohann2008sex has an incredibly offensive avatar, please remove. Also, where are complaints supposed to be filed?
Jane Doe on Saturday May 25, 2013
one more time ^ Zuma is here Kim Jr: flag brownie Jouster III: ty mrRo: ROFL mrRo: NOOB LUCK Kim Jr: hahaha green Atilla the Pun: flag brown Jouster III: ty mrRo: LUCK mrRo: pathetic mrRo: no skill Kim Jr: cry me a river, green mrRo: get cancer blue Kim Jr: haha Jouster III: i AM A cancer... how you doin? Jouster III: purp you are four? Atilla the Pun: I'm happy with that Atilla the Pun: sitting Kim Jr: gga Atilla the Pun: gg Atilla the Pun has left Plz ban mrRo chat
Zuma on Thursday April 18, 2013
lol. poor gay bone-roller. start to getting a life and stop sitting on a desk and masturbate.how old are you? 5? poor kiddie. i laugh about somebody like you. poor noobie
Huge Tittie Teen on Wednesday October 10, 2012
reporting a PGA between Betilpower and Gauntlet15 on 500 table #FPP at around 11:30pm EST.
spiritshaper on Saturday August 18, 2012
PGA with DJohnson and wishbone. also doesn't respect flags.
Malakh Solomon on Sunday April 1, 2012
Hi Bone... i want report two PGA players... i wold like they suspension... Johnny Danger and Mr. Mosgood... They didnt respect flags.. thanks..
* [email protected] * on Monday October 17, 2011
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