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Pure backstabber, nerver to trust !
crocefisso on Wednesday February 27, 2013
very simply....do NOT trust
Malakh Solomon on Tuesday August 21, 2012
pge 500 table with @helenadelasage and GURGİ
delikadir on Saturday August 4, 2012
trucer 500 table @helenadelasage
bivo on Saturday August 4, 2012
good truce partner, knows how to read a game.
hatchetbob on Saturday August 4, 2012
PGA!! Asshole!!! He doesnt respect flags!!!! Stupid player!!!
Lucas Barbosa on Friday August 3, 2012
un sac à merde
manumanumanu on Friday August 3, 2012
[Note: simmersiz makes an entrance near the end of the review below. simmersiz surely wants to remember his words of wisdom that became part of my review of UnderwearWolf, thus I am posting it here.] ++++++++++ 2012-07-29 UnderwearWolf is a chat jerk. He should not be so rude just because he is losing. Actually, he should not be rude at any time. All chat below is verbatim as always. UnderwearWolf is blue, I am purple. ++++++++++ Buckshot977: Love the avatar there Pi ---------- 3.14159: ty ---------- Mountain2: hey pie you rmember me? troy ---------- 3.14159: sorry -- there have been a LOT of games (i hate to admit) ---------- Mountain2: you dont remember we? we played a game 2 and half years ago ---------- UnderwearWolf: brown, u greedy ########## [Note: UnderwearWolf starts in about brown.] ---------- 3.14159: oh THAT troy ---------- Mountain2: ;) ---------- UnderwearWolf: i flag green ---------- Mountain2: sure bud [Note: Mountain2 is green.] ---------- 3.14159: flag green ---------- UnderwearWolf: cant beat yr game like this ---------- Mountain2: you want all plots of land pie? ---------- UnderwearWolf: and brown is a real dick ########## ---------- Mountain2: fuck ---------- Mountain2: wrong button ---------- Mountain2: i meant to attack soething ---------- UnderwearWolf: jesus brown.. ########## ---------- 3.14159: uh, blue--he wasn't supposed to let you win was he? ---------- UnderwearWolf: keep being a fucking idiot, we all make sure u get less than yello ########## ---------- Mountain2: so much hate and drama ---------- 3.14159: blue, are you ALWAYS a chat jerk or just this game? ---------- UnderwearWolf: purple... brown wrecked your game, and u insulting ME for talking? ---------- 3.14159: calling you rude is just telling the truth ---------- UnderwearWolf: call me what u like, brown is a dick ########## ---------- Mountain2: actually ---------- 3.14159: if you don't want to be called rude, do not be rude ---------- Mountain2: purple wrecked browns game ---------- Mountain2: with that awesome connect ---------- UnderwearWolf: only cos brown was so greedy, and brown never had any good stacks ######### [Note: UnderwearWolf is complaining that brown should be a better player. Dear Readers, shouldn't he just keep quiet and EXPLOIT brown's alleged poor play?] ---------- 3.14159: brown's alleged bad behavior does not make your's right ---------- Mountain2: brown had a 5 ---------- UnderwearWolf: sure ---------- 3.14159: so what? his bad play is good for you in the long run, right? ---------- UnderwearWolf: round 7, brown still has single stacks ---------- Mountain2: ok ivemade up my mind ---------- 3.14159: so, blue, not only do you have to beat brown but you have to be rude TOO? ---------- UnderwearWolf: classy guy green [Note: Green starts attacking UnderwearWolf.] ---------- 3.14159: you have no standing to complain, blue ---------- 3.14159: you act like a jerk you get what you get ---------- 3.14159: and whining isn't classy, blue ---------- UnderwearWolf: what did I do that was bad? i described what brown did ########## [Note: UnderwearWolf calls so many people "dick" that he thinks nothing of it? Is that it?] ---------- 3.14159: no, you were rude ---------- Mountain2: you swore a lo ---------- Mountain2: lot ---------- UnderwearWolf: gee ---------- 3.14159: and i didn't notice you "describing" EVERYONE's play ---------- UnderwearWolf: golly ---------- 3.14159: only brownh ---------- UnderwearWolf: mainly cos brown played like a total jerk ---------- 3.14159: his play is his play--rudeness is rudeness UnderwearWolf: his PLAY was rude ########## [Note: Uh, is that a real thought or is UnderwearWolf kidding?] ---------- Mountain2: so ---------- UnderwearWolf: his PLAY was just for wrecking other players, worse than any chat ---------- Mountain2: you gotta play aggresive if you want to win ---------- UnderwearWolf: did he win? ---------- Mountain2: did you not see me anhilate red ---------- UnderwearWolf: aggressive but not smart is just being a thug ---------- 3.14159: but blue, it is silly to complain that brown was a bad player--if he is a bad player BEAT HIM ---------- 3.14159: that answers everything ---------- Mountain2: yup ---------- 3.14159: but rudeness, that is something else ---------- UnderwearWolf: u in the wrong place if u cant take rudeness ########## [Note: Ah, the great chat jerk excuse: nothing we do matters so throw up your hands and do nothing.] ---------- 3.14159: no, i understand that 3% of kdicers are like you... ---------- 3.14159: you are like the rats and cockroaches we can't eliminate... ---------- 3.14159: we have to learn to live with you ---------- 3.14159: that is understood ---------- UnderwearWolf: so who is being rude now? ---------- 3.14159: the garbage man is not rude for taking out the garbage ---------- 3.14159: you are the garbage ---------- 3.14159: unless you change your ways, of cours ---------- 3.14159: course ---------- UnderwearWolf: jesus, u really are an idiot.. ---------- 3.14159: whine some more, blue ---------- 3.14159: it is lovely ---------- simmersiz: lol 0 table drama? really ---------- 3.14159: blue was a chat jerk in the last game ---------- UnderwearWolf: lmao... ---------- 3.14159: let's see if he keeps it up ---------- simmersiz: who gives a shit reallyy ########## [Note: Another of our great moral philosophers heard from.] ---------- UnderwearWolf: yello thought a player in last game was a nice guy, and that I was being "rude" to say so... ---------- simmersiz: stakes are so low here ---------- 3.14159: by the way, blue, you will probably hate the review i leave you... ---------- simmersiz: does not matter if you win or lose ---------- 3.14159: it will contain all your own words ---------- UnderwearWolf: watch yello attack only me [Note: I am yellow in this 2nd game.] ---------- 3.14159: i don't know if brown in the last game was good or bad... ---------- 3.14159: i just know HE wasn't rude in chat ---------- 3.14159: YOU were ---------- UnderwearWolf: or me attack only uyello, forget which ---------- simmersiz: jesus ---------- simmersiz: plz STFU ########## [Note: simmersiz doesn't understand the irony of using "please" and "STFU" in the same sentence.] ---------- simmersiz: lol ---------- 3.14159: you whined and complained like a baby ---------- 3.14159: and you HATE being called out for being a chat jerk ---------- 3.14159: as you should ---------- UnderwearWolf: :-) ---------- Neo Ikol: Please let's kill yellow. The guy makes the game unfun. [Note: Neo Ikol is a kdice jerk who is mad that I left a long review for him that contained all his bad behavior.] UnderwearWolf: funny ---------- UnderwearWolf: if u were in last game, u saw what happened ---------- 3.14159: i didn't pay any attention to brown--he lost badly ---------- UnderwearWolf: ah well ---------- simmersiz: teal ---------- simmersiz: you should push south ---------- 3.14159: great, another Level 50 guy trying to win in chat (red) ---------- Neo Ikol: And then what would you do? Just sit for the rest of the game? ---------- 3.14159: red doesn't know how to play with a spoken or unspoken truce ---------- simmersiz: what is win in chat? [Note: simmersiz has gone and read some of the reviews I have left for others.] ---------- simmersiz: lol ---------- 3.14159: that is what the "high" level guys do ---------- 3.14159: lol ---------- 3.14159: rofl ---------- 3.14159: lmao ---------- 3.14159: pick one ---------- Neo Ikol: Yellow, you're a idiot. [Note: Again, Neo Ikol is mad that I posted HIS OWN WORDS AND ACTIONS in his review.] ---------- Dracula_666 X: ok going 3rd now ---------- 3.14159: so be it ---------- Dracula_666 X: flag green and yellow ---------- UnderwearWolf: green, u giving the whole game to yello now? ---------- 3.14159: flag green ---------- 3.14159: thanks for the idea blue ---------- UnderwearWolf: funny ----------
3.14159 on Sunday July 29, 2012
Lacks style.
Duke Nukem on Sunday May 15, 2011
It all says it. LOL
Mountainman on Monday May 9, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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