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ok..can you tell me how i helped the other player?..i never attacked either of you. He fought you fair and square. You lost. Get the fuck over it dude
sexecutioner on Thursday November 27, 2008
Experienced him as fair and honourful player
grigir on Thursday November 27, 2008
I change my post, complete bitch of a player. In tournie half way through a fight for 4th (to keep me in the tournament) She decides that since I might win she would attack me... Ending up with my being killed... Complete shithead, kill on sight... And that's being generous.
Carlisle on Wednesday November 26, 2008
OK FINE I WILL START RESPECTING FLAGS AND LETTING PEOPLE FIGHT FOR POSITION EVEN IF IT TAKES AN EXTRA 15 MINUTES PER GAME! It used to be a dick move not to flag and make the entire table wait for some petty minor placement. I understand now that pettiness is in vogue, and it is a dick move to kill the low unflagged players. I will change, and try to make people happy.
Maladia on Saturday November 22, 2008
Complete arse.
Jitterbug on Saturday November 22, 2008
an irrational player.
orange33 on Saturday November 22, 2008
total cunt - flaggs then kills others trying to fight for a lower spot - he is farming points - plain and simple - they tried to act like he doesnt understand what he is doing - so i guess he's stupid or a jackass -
panzer on Saturday November 22, 2008
THIS PLAYER IS UNFAIR, I seeked for 4th, declared it on chatbox and he kept attacking me cause I couldn't still exhibit a flag. He said without a flag he attacks TOTAL ASSHOLE AVOID HIM!!!
GSK on Saturday November 22, 2008
dick, riccardo is right
GreGGwar on Saturday November 22, 2008
no respect flags
tty_csu on Saturday November 22, 2008
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