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trustworthy and fair
MickyOT on Sunday May 13, 2018
Oliko on Thursday May 10, 2018
distorted view of things, he has been a dick more than once
play_mate on Sunday April 1, 2018
good player how accept flags
9_6 on Saturday March 24, 2018
Fair player, good to have on the table. He calls out trolls and noobs when necessary. Explains them the game mores if need be.
Stanpede on Sunday February 4, 2018
cannot be trusted in silent truces. selfish, opportunistic.
Louis Cypher on Monday September 18, 2017
It all happened so fast I don't know how to explain it properly. To do what he did to me justice would be the equivalent to giving blow by blow details accurately of a bank robbery you saw flash before your eyes. He entered the bar around noon, I was working the midday behind the bar. He spoke so soft and politely when I inquired on his drink choice. "I'll take what you recommend, on the rocks. I trust you with my soul" he said with a smile and a wink. Being a complete heterosexual male, I was taken back at first. I had never been spoken to like this by another man. I poured the drink, my specialty a mix of rum and whiskey called the hot flamingo. He sipped it, looked up at me and smiled gently. He again softly spoke, "This drink is a fine work. You should be very proud. I'd like to tip you, but I've seem to have run of cash at the moment. Surely there is some way we can figure this out?" His eyebrows lifted as he finished speaking, his eyes fluttered seductively. At this moment things become fuzzy, I have never had feelings for a man like this, I may never have had feelings towards anyone ever like this. It was overwhelming. I nervously mustered out "I get off at 4 if you want to stick around". He winked and nodded his head and slowly made his way to a table near the jukebox drink in hand. I can remember the final hours of my shift seeming to take a million years. The clock on the wall dripped slowly to the 4 o'clock hour. Once in awhile I would glance over at the table to make sure he hadn't left, but each time I would see him sitting at the table smiling back at me. I would smile back but very nervously and to be sure to not make a seen. This is a biker bar and I doubt many of the usual customers would take kindly to me or Sam if they knew what we were about to do. As the hour finally struck 4 it seems like a whirlwind of emotions and bodily secretions. I remember only bits are parts of it, so much lust and exotic behaviors I had never known of. The ecstasy of it all and his warm gentle touch. I remember him kissing my thigh in places no one had ever touched me, places I didn't know would stimulate me. He grabbed my scrotum softly and teased it while licking my belly button. I can faintly remember him giving himself to me and allowing me to penetrate him deeply and hard. He wanted me to be rough and I was, when I noticed blood he told me to keep going as it added lubrication. SamCormack took my body places it had never been, and he allowed me to explore his like I had never done. As a straight male who experimented once with homosexual sex, I am glad it was with Sam Cormack as he was a pro and knew the ins and outs of how to pleasure a man. Thank Sam, love you always. - Dick Tucker
Dick Tucker on Thursday June 8, 2017
noob on 0 table
greeen on Saturday April 1, 2017
asshole play style
Secret Powers on Tuesday March 28, 2017
Not honorable...after being quiet the whole match he didn't accept my flag for a Pre-allied. So sad and bad player.
matias-sme on Tuesday January 10, 2017
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