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Recognized on 10:42 AM, Friday September 6, 2019 EDT by integral
pleasant to play with, thanks for sticking with the game

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fair player, and great to have around with his sense of humor. and sometimes his idling out comes in handy too. ;)
DIVELIZ on Friday February 19, 2021
landi on Thursday January 28, 2021
PGA pussy only way this pathetic cunt can win any points
just-do-it on Sunday December 13, 2020
pga with pro
Dude111 on Friday August 28, 2020
and possibly PGA with Styv301
SirPepa781 on Wednesday July 29, 2020
PGA with OviloFF (who sayd he is sw1ft25). Got to agree with heraclitus
Ehrnrooth on Saturday July 25, 2020
that whiny cunt is actually a nice players that plays alot of card games on different browser tab
sw1ft25 on Sunday July 12, 2020
used to always play a good game but turned into a whiny cunt
heraclitus on Tuesday July 7, 2020
PGA with Cangelo12 - do not trust !!!
Cree91 on Monday June 22, 2020
fair player
NeuklineFore on Monday June 8, 2020
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