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play restored +play jurgen 4:37 PM, Thursday October 24, 2013 EDT
One month ban for pga. Do not play other accounts either or your ban length will increase. -play jurgen 10:44 AM, Thursday October 17, 2013 EDT

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Another great tournament, thanks for the games!
heraclitus on Saturday August 25, 2018
Hitler Grandson... He is NAZI this boy is Hitler Grandson !!!!
1992 on Saturday August 4, 2018
nice guy, fair player
Dude112 on Saturday July 21, 2018
cries all the time when he doesn't get his way, poor child
greeen on Thursday March 22, 2018
idiot backstabber, dont trust him
xXxJozefxXx on Tuesday January 23, 2018
not trust flags and will change his position
Charmed Boy on Sunday June 25, 2017
had very fair and funny tourney!
Grux on Saturday May 20, 2017
ignores flags
PRESlDENT on Tuesday April 18, 2017
ignoring flags - then lying
Secret Powers on Sunday December 25, 2016
cool guy
Fraghunter on Friday October 14, 2016
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