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Someone please UNCURSE my account.
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cadpilot wrote
at 8:12 PM, Wednesday March 6, 2013 EST
Thanks, I appreciate that.
Hero Of Time wrote
at 12:58 PM, Wednesday March 6, 2013 EST
Wednesday March 13th I will +chat.
Vohaul wrote
at 11:06 PM, Friday December 21, 2012 EST
Lol, something nice for your wall...

Have a great Christmas and New Years man!
cadpilot wrote
at 9:34 AM, Wednesday September 7, 2011 EDT
dom99 and behry PGA.
cadpilot wrote
at 10:15 AM, Thursday November 18, 2010 EST
roque ja - PGE for life
cadpilot wrote
at 3:26 PM, Wednesday November 10, 2010 EST
fineman1732 - PGE the noob.
cadpilot wrote
at 8:59 PM, Friday November 5, 2010 EDT
Moondog - sack of shit, dishonorable slime. Kill on sight.
cadpilot wrote
at 3:01 PM, Friday November 5, 2010 EDT
DO3 - Traitor that goes back on flags. Nuke on sight.
cadpilot wrote
at 3:32 PM, Wednesday October 27, 2010 EDT
Schabowy - Asswipe that needs to be nuked.
cadpilot wrote
at 8:29 AM, Monday October 18, 2010 EDT
antiochus_megas flags and then kills you. Destroy on sight.
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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